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We offer you a qualitative and efficient handling of the certification process for your rolling stock subsystem and your components. With more than a hundred certifications to our name, we have a wealth of experience and can also take on the certification tasks in your vehicle project. In doing so, we attach great importance to a high professional certification level.

Thanks to our flat hierarchy and our flexibility, we can certify your railroad subsystems -and components within resilient deadline routes.

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Rolling stock certifications from rail experts

For 15 years now, our focus has been on the rail sector, where we provide expert opinions and product certification for rolling stock and their components. We know the challenges and opportunities of rail transport and are also familiar with their impact on new products.

Notified Body (NoBo)

As Notified Body Interoperability NB 1991 and NB 2892 we prepare NoBo files, inspection reports and EC test certificates for your rolling stock and their components according to TSI (Technical Specifications for Interoperability). We take over all tasks of the Notified Body and you receive from us all attestations and certificates which are necessary for the approval of your rail vehicle. Our Notified Body notification covers all four subsystems (rolling stock, control-command signaling, infrastructure and energy).

Designated Body (DeBo)

For Switzerland and Germany, we assess your rolling stock subsystem according to the NNTV (Notified National Technical Regulations). Since 2006 we are a Notified Authorized Body in Switzerland and provide all necessary assessment reports and certificates you need for your product certification for the national area.

In Switzerland, we are recognized as a notified authorized body for all testing areas LOC&PAS / WAG / NOI / CCS / INF / ENE / PRM / SRT. In addition, we offer the preparation of expert reports, for example for vehicle modifications with high safety relevance.

In Germany, we are recognized by the Federal Railway Authority as a Specified Body for the rolling stock subsystem.

Six steps to your certification

  1. Coordination of the evidence planning
  2. Review of design 
  3. Type examination
  4. Auditing / approval of the QM system for production
  5. Creation of the NoBo/DeBo file
  6. Issuing of the corresponding certificates, for example EC type test certificates or NNTV certificates.

When will you start your product certification?

Feel free to contact us at any time. Our motivated and flexible team of experts will be happy to explain our services to you in a personal meeting.


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