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Within the scope of accreditation as an inspection body, SCONRAIL is recognized throughout Europe as a risk assessment body according to RE 402/2013.

We check for you whether your risk analysis fully and realistically assesses hazards to railroad operations. Are the risk minimization measures you have proposed appropriate? We will also evaluate this and, based on our many years of experience, give you further recommendations on the way to safe travel. Would you like to find out more directly in a personal meeting? 

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Assessment Body (AsBo)

We as SCONRAIL perform independent risk assessments according to the Common Safety Methods (CSM) in our function as AsBo. We certify the compliant application of the methodology as well as the compliance with the applicable standards and the state of the art (“requirement capture”). Independent risk assessments by specialized and experienced experts can be offered for components, entire subsystems (e.g. vehicles, railroad tunnels) or parts of subsystems (e.g. door controls, braking systems).

Your safety assessment by SCONRAIL

For you as a manufacturer, operator and ECM manager in the railroad sector, responsible and reliable safety assessment is of elementary importance for the successful implementation of your business model. For this reason, we have been dealing exclusively with the different disciplines (e.g. NoBo/DeBo), the safety of the complete railroad sector for more than 15 years and are accredited for all classifications according to ERADIS. We know what we are talking about.

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Feel free to contact us at any time. Our motivated and flexible team of experts will be happy to explain our services to you in a personal meeting.
Risk Assessment - Risiko Bewertung

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Safety assessment

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